Sunday, January 25, 2015

Historic Blizzard to hit Northeast for 1/26/15 to 1/27/15

On Friday the 23rd we were preparing for a small but decent size snowstorm, something that has been lacking all winter so far. There was some mention of a storm right in its heels for early the following week, however on Friday it looked like it was going to be weak and move to the south like a lot of storms this year. 

Well Saturday was met by surprise, not only by the 6 inches of snow (2-5 inches were predicted) but also the fact that temps had risen so fast, changing everything to rain. Another surprise was that now all major computer models (Euro, GFS, NAM) had a major snowstorm for the northeast on Monday into Tuesday. 

Now it's Sunday morning the 25th and we wake up to Blizzard Warnings in southern Connecticut! NWS Boston calling it a possible HISTORIC storm! 

The potential exists for 1-2 feet of snow, winds from 49-60mph and temps in the low 20's, meeting the criteria for blizzards. Since it will be so cold, the snow will be light and fluffy, which will result in quick accumulation but also very high drifts! 
One models view of what the storm will look like. 972 mb low on the benchmark with high pressure to the north supplying cold air is the perfect recipe for snow! 

Notice the dark blues over southern Connecticut. This indicates heavy snowfall rates. 

And here's the European model's snowfall projecting. That turquoise blue along the Ct/Ny boarder is 30+ inches of snow! The whitish/grey color represents 12-24 inches of snow! 

This looks like it's going to be a whopper! Wonder if it will be as historic as the 2013 blizzard (aka Nemo) that dumped 38 inches of snow in my yard in one night, leaving us snowed in for 3 days! check out that storm here. 

Also, if you're in the northeast, here's some movies you might enjoy while being snowed in during the blizzard! (You have to some thing to ward off cabin fever!) 

More updates will follow as the storm gets closer!