Monday, February 8, 2016

3 Years Ago - The Infamous Blizzard Nemo of 2013

It was three years ago on February 8-9 2013 that I experienced one of the most amazing storms of my life. The infamous blizzard of 2013, also known as Nemo. This blizzard ended up producing close to 40 inches of snow in my town in just one night! It was record breaking. 

Check out the official snowfall total map below. The dark purple is where 30-40 inches of snow fell. That's where I live!! 

Here is a picture of me helping shovel out some of the drive and the snow drift that was taller than my garage!! 

Since we were snowed in for a few days, the neighbors got together and used snow plows to plow the street! Great teamwork! 

Amazing Sub-tropical Storm Off-Shore

We were side swiped by a pretty powerful storm today. If it had been a hundred miles closer to shore, we would have had a massive blizzard. Instead, it stayed just offshore and gave us light snow all day. Enough to make all roads slippery and treacherous. 

Even though the storm was far away, it was stunning from above. Check out the beautiful satellite images of the storm. Notice the spiral and hurricane like features. 

While being on the fringe of the storm, we were still able to pick up a few inches of snow. This was due to a nice snow band that set up over western Connecticut. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blizzard Jonas Melts in a Week!

The above image is two satellite images of the northeast. The top photo was taken the day after the blizzard of 2016. Notice the large extent of the snowcover. The bottom photo taken about a week later on February 1st, shows the dramatic melt that occurred in just one week. This was due to above average temperatures from the infamous January thaw! 

Here's a table showing how fast the snow melted in Central Park. The table was released by the National Weather Service New York City office. It also shows the temperature departure for each day. In just four days, Central Park went from almost two feet of snow to just six inches! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blizzard of 2016 From Above

The blizzard of 2016 was a very impressive and interesting storm. Two feet of snow covered areas from Virginia to NYC. Luckily (since I'm a snow lover) the Connecticut shore did get about a foot of snow. However, the northwest hills of Connecticut were not as lucky. 

Check out the sharp cut off of snow accumulation in northern Connecticut, as seen in these date little images taken just a day after the storm. 

You can also see the extent of the snowcover! What a massive storm!