Monday, January 26, 2015

Blizzard of 2015 Snow Maps! #Juno

There's been some crazy images coming out on the internet the last few days! From computer models of historic proportion to statewide blizzard warnings. New England is sure in for a ride as the Blizzard of 2015, also called Juno by The Weather Channel inches closer to the region. Here are some of the images I found on Twitter that really stood out to me. The first one is a satellite image of the storm engulfing the east coast on Monday morning (1/26/2015).  As you can see it's a massive storm, which will only get bigger as the parts come together off the mid-atlantic coast! 

The next photo wasn't one I found online but one I took of my TV (Not the best photograph). Although Connecticut is a small state (3rd smallest by geography) It's still impressive to have the entire state in a Blizzard Warning! 

If you're not familiar with Connecticut weather, it's actually pretty interesting and variable. Due to the maritime influence and changes in elevation, you can have very different weather from corner to corner in this state. Normally, areas to the northwest (upper left in this map) gets the most snow due to higher elevation and colder weather. The least amount of snow usually falls in the south east corner of the state (the bottom right).  This area, which includes New London, usually gets a maritime influence, sending temps up just enough to change snow to a mixture or even rain in many cases. With that said, most snowfall maps for Connecticut are striped in different shades of accumulation but this storm is a sold 15-30 inches across the state! 

Finally, below is a computer model map that came out on Sunday (1/25/15) that shows the worst case scenario for snowfall. How often do you see  >30 inches across the entire state of Connecticut, even if it's just a computer model!