Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Connecticut Flooding! June 2013

I haven't updated this blog in a while (mostly because I was working on my Master's thesis!) and the weather has been pretty quite.  Most of April was extremely dry and below average temperature wise.  In fact Connecticut went into a moderate drought because of the long stretch of dry weather in April.  Now the first week in June and all we've had is rain, rain and more rain!  In fact many areas have already seen 4-6 inches of rain this week and it's not even over yet!  Thursday, June 13 into Friday, June 14th will feature more heavy rain possibly up to 5 more inches of rain!  The NWS (National Weather Service) is predicting 4.25 inches of rain for New Haven, CT.  If this happens many areas in CT will have gotten 10-12 inches of rain in one week!  Thats a foot of rain in one week! Almost unheard of here in CT unless a tropical system goes through, which Tropical Storm Andrea (the remnants) did go through last Friday! Below is the NWS total rainfall prediction for tomorrow and Friday!