Monday, January 26, 2015

Cool Images From Above! Blizzard of 2015 Juno

Although we may be getting closer and closer to white out conditions on the ground during this blizzard of 2015, there's another beautiful side to this storm and it comes from above. These massive storms form into beautiful pieces of art as seen from space. Below are a few pictures I came across on the internet of our blizzard Juno forming. They show the pure beauty of the storms as well as their incredible size! 

The first two pictures are screenshots from this amazing site from the Null School, which shows an active map of the world and wind. So when you have an intense storm, you can actually see it moving. Although these are screenshots and therefore stills, the site actually has movement and is AMAZING! I highly recommend checking it out here! 

But before you go, check out this beautiful storm as it begins to wrap into a circle off the mid-Atlantic coast. 

The next two photos are infrared images of Juno as it formed off the east coast in the early evening of January 26, 2015. Infrared is used during night time hours, when satellite images are not available due to lack of sunlight reflecting off the cloud tops. Here the colder cloud tops (higher clouds) are shown in red and dark red. These are where the clouds are thicker and taller, therefore where the storms are. 
Notice the classic comma shape beginning to form in the clouds off the east coast? It's a typical sign for strong storms as they form pulling dry cold air down on one side and pulling up warm, moist air on the other side. 

Finally we have a satellite picture from just before sunset on Monday 1/26/2015. This shows the blizzard of 2015 starting to get it's act together off the coast and shows the deep moisture connection off the Atlantic. You can almost see the storm pulling cold air down on the west and sucking up moisture (in the form of clouds) on the east side. Juno is definitely shaping up to be a powerful storm, but will she deliver on the historic snow accumulations? 

Only time will tell and we'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out!