Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow from Last January 2011

Miss the snow in the North East Yet?  Scene from coastal Connecticut after January snowstorms!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Time Lapsed Snow Videos

With the access to so much technology new techniques of documenting weather have merged over the last few years and some of them are pretty fun!  Below are a number of videos from YouTube.  They are all time lapse videos, which means they are actually photographs taken from the same spot over a period of time at a particular interval.  These time lapse videos show snowfall.  It's amazing how when time is sped up like it is in these time lapse videos snow looks a lot like an ever expanding marshmallows!  Since winter begins on Wed the 21st and Christmas is this weekend enjoy the snowfall in these videos!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy Hail Storm Videos

Hail Storms are one of nature's hypocrisies, ice falling from the sky in the summer time!  When it comes down to it, it all has to do with cold air higher in the atmosphere and updrafts.  Learn more from this article i wrote at Hubpages called: Hail or Sleet? There is a Difference! Depending on the amount of moisture and updraft hail can form to various sizes.  Below are a few of the extremes we have seen with hail in the past few years.  The first video is out of New Jersey and no it is not a snowstorm!  This was a summer afternoon where the hail fell so much that it accumulated to almost a foot, just like snow.  Also notice in the video all the fog hanging around the ice, this is sublimation live!  If you don't remember what sublimation is, it is when a chemical like water (H20) changes it's state by skipping over one whole process, in this case it goes from ice to air, instead of ice, melting to water and then evaporating into the air.  The next two videos are extremely sized hail out of Oklahoma and Georgia. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Arizona Dust Storm Video

I remember this dust storm happening over the summer and seeing it live on television.  It occurred on July 5th, 2011.  It is actually called an Haboo and is pretty impressive!  Here's one video:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brooklyn Tornado Videos

This video is of the September 16th Brooklyn Tornado in 2010.  I remember seeing this video shortly after the storm and was amazed at it, although the guys filming can be a little annoying at times. 

And while searching for the video above i came across this one as well, which is pretty cool:

Videos:Tornadoes vs cars, trains, and Transportation

Just stumbled across this video on YouTube from St. Petersburg Russia where a freak tornado formed in June 2010.  At the 18 second mark you can actually see the small, yet strong tornado pick up a car and juggle it around! 

Here's another tornado video of a train getting blown off the tracks.  This happened in 2011 in the United States and the train was derailed by the tornado! The video was taken by a camera mounted on one of the cars of the train. 

The next video is of a weak tornado hitting a parking lot.  This was caught on security cameras.

Here's another video of a tornado going through a parking lot, this time in Tennessee!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top Ten Weather Events of 2011

It's been a crazy year weather wise in the United States from record snowfall to record rainfall, tornadoes, drought and hurricanes this year is one for the record books!  I wrote two hubs on 2011 extreme weather.  One is the list of the top ten weather events of 2011, the second is a more in depth look at the tornadoes that made the list.  As you can see below in the video the pure power of the tornado is why i gave it a separate article. 

One of the many videos included in my articles

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Oh Foggy Day"

Photos I took last weekend on a foggy Sunday morning November 27

Pear Tree in the Fog
This photo was taken of a pear tree in my backyard the only trees with their leaves on them this time of the year.

Foggy Flag rock
This photo was taken of a flag rock, which can be found in other photos on this site.  The normally visible coastline behind the rock is not seen through the thick fog.   See this same rock on a cold winter day here!

Fishing boat in the Fog
This last photo is of a fishing boat just off shore yet it's hard to see from the thick fog.

Hail or Sleet? There is a difference!

Here is an article I wrote on Hubpages. It's my first weather related article i wrote and has been getting steady traffic for a few months! If you're a weather geek like myself, you may get annoyed when people use the terms hail and sleet interchangeably! So here is an explanation of the differences between the two!
Hail or Sleet? There is a difference!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Hurricane Irene Video!

Here is a very short video i took during Hurricane Irene in Southern Connecticut.  It was taken at the beach at high tide.  The information you need to know is that the body of water being filmed is Long Island Sound, which is usually calm as can be some days there aren't even any waves! 

Weather Videos: Springfield, Ma Tornado

On June 1, 2011 Springfield, MA was hit by a tornado!  It crossed right over the Connecticut River and interstate 91.  The storm system that produced this tornado ended up producing more all the way through western MA along the Connecticut border.  Due to the highly populated area this tornado was recorded in a number of perspectives that day.  I remember actually seeing the tornado cross the Connecticut River live on TV and because Interstate 91 runs along the river at that point, it was an area I have traveled through a dozen times!  I was in shock and awe when i saw the tornado swirl across the highway.  Below are some of the videos from that day. 

2011 Storm Photos Article

Hubpages had a contest in the month of November, which included a photography section.  I entered a number of photo articles including one called 2011 Storm Photos.  This article is a collection of a number of photos from the year 2011 depicting the crazy weather I have experienced.  Take  a look at here:   2011 Storm Photos

Saturday, October 29, 2011

snowtober 10/29/11

Pear tree split under the weight of the snow on this early and historic snowstorm in CT.  This is only after an inch and a half of snow, now expecting 8-12 inches! More photos to come

Friday, September 30, 2011

Storm surge Hurricane Irene 8/28/11

Sunrise over the Atlantic 7/27/2011

This is a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic ocean from Ocean City, Maryland. The barrier island sits on the eastern shore of the Delmarva peninsula, stretching 10 miles in length. This photo was taken on an early August morning. A little haze and clouds on the horizon provided a beautiful shot on the summer morning. 

Cold day by the water 2/4/2011

Stormy seas 8/28/11

Stormy sky 8/1/11

Tall storm clouds on a summer day 8/1/11

Rainbow Halo around the Sun May 6th 2011