Monday, January 26, 2015

Funny Blizzard Memes for Juno!

One of internet's greatest accomplishments is the creative outlet of memes. Memes and cartoons online can easily go viral as well as expose the craziness of any situation. Perfect example is the impending bBlizzard Check out these funny cartoons and memes i've seen online! 

The first cartoon is from The New Yorker and was posted on Twitter. The forecast is totally correct, we do expect large amounts of snow pictures to accumulate on Instagram! 
The next one is only funny if you understand the differences between the weather forecast models and are also a Simpsons fan! To briefly explain, the character on the right is Ralph, a student that goes to school with Lisa and Bart Simpson. He's not quite all there and definitely not the most intelligent character. 
Now notice the names on the front of the desk...ECMWF (Euro model), GFS, and NAM (North American Model). Ever since the Euro predicted Superstorm Sandy a week out, it has been the most reliable computer model of them all, hence the more diligent student. The GFS is known for it's inconsistencies, especially in the first few weeks of 2015 when the model was upgraded. So it's correct sometimes but usually ends up following what the Euro says. Finally, the NAM, which seems to always be showing something interesting but not always correct. The model is best used within 48 hours of a storm and even then it's not always right! 

The next one is just hilarious and was sent to me via text message! The forecast seems pretty correct!

Final one for now is actually the one I made for this storm! Based on what The Weather Channel is calling the storm, here's my meme! Feel free to add more you find to the comments!