Thursday, January 31, 2013

What a windy night!!! 1/31/13

Wow! What a windy night!  I was woken up by the wind at 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep for a while.  Southern New England experienced heavy winds for a number of hours this morning 1/31/13.  As a strong cold front moved towards the East Coast, warm air pushed up ahead of it pushing the temperatures to almost 60 in the middle of the night, in Connecticut, in January!!!  It even broke official temperature records at the two National Weather Service stations in CT, Hartford (Windsor locks) and Bridgeport (Sikorsky).  I took a screen shot from Weatherbug at 4:21 am, the temp was 55 degrees, winds 15mph with gust to 40mph and the radar at the bottom shows the intense area of rain about to move through!

Bridgeport, CT 58 new record, old record 54 (2012) 
Bridgeport, CT peak wind gust 61mph 

Also amazing was seeing the temps across the Northeast.  Yesterday I was watching the local news at noon and they showed temps across all of New England. In Watertown, NY, which is up in far northern NY by Niagara Falls, was 60 degrees, 24 hours later they are in  the 30's and getting lake effect snow!! Its always crazy to see such temperature swings, especially in the heart of winter, yet it seems to be happening more often.