Monday, January 21, 2013

Blizzard of 2005: Jan 20-23

As I checked site this morning for any news on the possible snowstorm tonight in Southern New England I was disappointed to find that the NORLUN trough (which will bring the most accumulating snow) will be up near Boston, if not in Maine.  However before I switched to another website I noticed a snow map on the side of the page. It's the same one I have posted below.  It is the Blizzard of 2005 from January 20-23.  It's nice that Accuweather posts historic storms in the side banners, especially since I remember this storm pretty well.

The reason why I remember this blizzard so well is because I missed it completely!!!  Although my home town in southwestern CT saw between 16-24 inches of snow, I was living in Vermont at the time at Lyndon State College, where we saw nothing more than a few flurries!!  This was very disappointing for me to watch (and study in class) the storm moving through southern New England, as my parents shoveled out and I just sat in the cold semi overcast fringe of the storm.  The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont didn't see much snow that year.  So when I saw this map posted on Accuweather  I flashed right back to sitting in my dorm room watching the reports of heavy snow in my hometown while it was just cold outside.  Even on the map you can see that the accumulating snow didn't get much farther north than White River Junction (Lyndon State was just north of St. Johnsbury.