Sunday, January 27, 2013

Icy Long Island Sound 1/25/13

After a week of below freezing temps here along the CT shoreline, I braved the cold on Friday morning to venture down the beach and take some photos.  The reason why I wanted to get down to the beach was because the water was getting so cold, ice was forming in spots.  Now as most of you probably know, it's very hard for salt water to freeze, and Long Island Sound is salt water.  Although not too unusual it was fun to see the ice along the shoreline.  I took tons of pictures and even made a slideshow for the local weather site, which I'm a contributor to.  The only part that wasn't fun was the near frostbite i received on my fingers!! It took about 20 mins to get my hands back to normal after only being outside for 15-20 mins at the most!

Here's my slideshow for WxEdge:  

and here are two photos I took with my phone and filtered via Instagram: