Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cold Start to 2015!

The National Climate Data Center within NOAA, released a map showing the temperature departures for the first four months of the year. As expected, the northeast is shaded in blue (colder than average) and the west is shaded in red (warmer than average). 

Here in Connecticut, we had the fourth coldest January to April on record. Records go back about 121 years! I'm sure we would have been the coldest if April had not warmed up the way it did. 

Although, no state had their coldest period on record, Massachusetts and New York came close. Both states had their second coldest January thru April in 121 years! 

What's more impressive is that in California and Arizona, it was the warmest January thru April on record! With it also being the second warmest period on record in nearby states like Oregon, Nevada and Utah.