Sunday, March 22, 2015

Awesome Weather GIFS

Weather has fascinated people for ages, who isn't attracted to the beauty of a thunderstorm or peacefulness of a snowstorm? Yes these events can be dangerous but they are also nature's moving art, a canvas that is forever changing, giving a brief moment of beauty before the next one is created. 

However, with the creation of photographs, film and the Internet, these moments of natural beauty have been captured and enjoyed over and over again. 

From striking photos to front row seat videos of storms, we can also thank the Internet for capturing such beauty. This time in the form of GIFS. 

What's more beautiful (and dangerous) than the electrifying dance of lightning in a thunderstorm?

There's nothing like a winter wonderland, a landscape glowing in the snow, as peaceful flakes fall from the sky.

Lightning may need to be slowed down to see its electrifying dance but sometimes the beauty of weather is discovered over time. Like this time lapse GIF of a snow squall moving into a city. 

Finally, not all of nature's beauty can be seen from ground level. Sometimes a view from 1,000's of miles above will reveal the beauty below.