Friday, February 20, 2015

Long Island Sound Freezing Up! Connecticut Frozen Shore!

I'm in complete geek out mode this morning as temperatures once again drop down to zero degrees. February has the potential to be the coldest February on record for many in the Northeast and it certainly is showing! The official temperature of Long Island Sound is 32 degrees and harbors are even colder. In fact it is so cold, ice has begun to form in the salty waters of Long Island Sound! 

I braved the extreme cold this morning to take some photographs of the frozen shoreline. Below are the photos I took with my phone, I have even more on my DSLR camera. 

The first photo is of Anchor Beach in Milford, CT. Notice the accumulated ice on all the rocks and all the ice in the water! Some ice even looked like pancake ice! 

Here's one of those rocks covered in thick ice. Remember this is frozen salt water!! 

Milford Harbor is completely frozen over! But it sure looks pretty! 

Another view of the frozen harbor, the ice to the left is buckled due to flowing water from a small river that feeds into the harbor. 

The river that flows through downtown Milford and into the Harbor. 

Milford's famous Charles Island looks pretty cold from the shore of Gulf Beach! Look at all that ice around the shore! 

A beach day at Gulf Beach? Maybe not, those are large chunks of ice floating in slushy salt water along the beach! 

Finally, a satellite view of Long Island Sound this morning, February 20, 2015. If you look closely at the northern edge of Long Island Sound, you will see a thin line of white, that's all the ice on Long Island sound and some of it was captured on my camera this morning!