Thursday, February 19, 2015

Impressive Winter Scenes From Space! MODIS Satellite Images

The fun thing about getting pictures from space is getting to see the impacts of weather on a large scale. These high resolution images below were taken by the MODIS Satellite and it captures some pretty cool and cold phenomena happening in the northeast United States! 

This first image is of southern New England, specifically Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Cape Cod and of course Long Island Sound. It's been labeled with a few different cool features. This includes ice on Long Island Sound, an iced over Connecticut river, the scar from the Springfield, MA tornado and more ice in Buzzard's Bay on the South end of Cape Cod. 

And in case you didn't realize, the ground is covered in white due to snow cover! All of New England has had snow on the ground for weeks now! 

The next image is of Lake Ontario, with Canada to the north (top of the image) and upstate New York to the south (bottom of the image). When this image was taken on February 16, 2015 the lake was only partially frozen, which means it's still open to lake effect snows!

Here's another close up view of the Cape Cod area, which is covered in snow! Also check out the ice in the bays! Pretty impressive! 

The image below is of the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. Notice, only two of the lakes are left unfrozen. Those lakes are  Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake, which are the two deepest lakes in the United States. Since they are a lot deeper than the other lakes, relatively warmer water is able to mix to the surface, keeping the surface from forming ice.