Thursday, December 18, 2014

One of the Best Tornado Videos of the Year! Double the Trouble - Sister Tornadoes in Nebraska 6/16/2014

Looking back at some of the videos I saved to my "Watch Later" list on YouTube, I discovered this amazing video from June 16, 2014. It's double the trouble with this violent dual tornadoes spinning up in the plains. It happened from from Stockton to Pilger, Nebraska . The storm chasers at, a severe weather blog, caught this incredible storm on video. These two tornadoes are a part of the same Tornado Family, which means they are separate tornadoes forming form the same supercell, taking a parallel path. 

The same system was caught on camera by other chasers, including the chasers at It's an amazing site to see one tornado but to see two right next to each other is incredible!