Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jersey Shore Ocean Effect Snow! 12-8-2014

You always hear about Lake Effect Snow (especially after the incredible event south of Buffalo, NY in November 2014) on occasion you'll hear about Ocean Effect Snow near Cape Cod. But it's not as common to hear about it in New Jersey and Long Island! Yet it happened on December 8, 2014! 
Here's a radar image via RadarScope of the ocean effect snow. This snow develops the same way as lake effect. As cold air flows over warm water, the warm water feeds moisture into the cold air, where it condenses into snow and mix precipitation. Due to geography and the typical wind patterns out if the west or north, normally coastal New England and Mid-Atlantic will not experience ocean effect snow. However, the winds out of the northeast on December 8th as well as stubborn low level cold air made for the perfect set up to have Ocean Effect Snow move into the Jersey Shore! 

Below are some tweets that captured the snow lightly accumulating in New Jersey!