Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Flooding Pictures from 9/28/12 Southern Connecticut

Below are two links to Connecticut's local news weather website (which I am a contributor).  These two links show the impressive flash flooding seen in my area of Connecticut on Friday September 28, 2012 due to a low pressure system moving through with a warm front.  The torrential rains lasted for hours, pouring at a rate of over 1.5 inches an hour at some points (probably higher).  We ended up with 3-4 inches of rain within 4 hours and the ground could just not handle it!  Even the Milford Mall basement flooded with water coming up through drains! 

This Link has some crazy video of the water bubbling up through drains on the basement floor of the mall!  This actually happened last August 2011, two weeks before Tropical Storm Irene hit! 

Here's yesterday's news report!
The other link is to a slide show of all the pictures (70 in total) that came in from the areas showing the significant flooding:  Photos Flooding 9/28/12