Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hurricane Gloria 27th Anniversary

Thursday September 27, 2012 was the 27th anniversary of Hurricane Gloria making landfall in Long Island and Connecticut.  The storm is the last Hurricane to make landfall in Connecticut.  Although Tropical Storm Irene came pretty close last year (2011). In the  link below I made a slide show for a local weather site comparing the photos I took during Tropical storm Irene to those that my dad took (I wasn't alive in 1985 when Hurricane Gloria hit!).  Both set of pictures were awfully similar even though Gloria was much stronger than Tropical Storm Irene.  What made them so similar in destruction was simple...timing!  Hurricane Gloria hit during low tide and moved through within hours, where as Irene hit right at astronomical high tide, bringing with it an impressive storm surge! 

Check out the link:   Side by Side Photo Comparison: Hurricane Gloria vs. Tropical Storm Irene