Friday, May 25, 2012

Beach restoration & fog banks 5/25/12

I went for a walk by the beach after dinner today and wasn't surprised to see a lot of activity! Of course it is the Friday of Memorial day weekend but also the beaches are finally be fixed up from last year's impact of Hurricane Irene. The sidewalks that were broken up by long island sound's waves have been replaced and the beach is being replenished with sand, even the grass and flowers lost to the salt and sand if storm surge have been replanted! As I continued to walk I even came across a sign from the federal government about the beach restoration (photo below) which was pretty cool.
Then on my way back I noticed a cool fog bank grasping at the coastline a few miles down. I took some photos but unfortunately my phone did not capture the texture of the fog bank! An interesting walk indeed for such a short stretch of beach!