Monday, April 28, 2014

Mayflower Tornado - April 27, 2014

Three years to the day of the Tuscaloosa Tornado Outbreak, the first major tornado outbreak of the 2014 season has begun. On April 27, 2014, Mayflower, Arkansas was hit by a strong tornado. The strength of which has yet to be determined but the storm left at least 14 dead and destroyed homes and businesses to the basement slabs.  According to The Weather Channel, this included a $14 million intermediate school that was set to open it's doors this fall.

The video above was taken of the storm from a distance as it eerily flowed over the landscape in silence.

Below is incredible video from the AP, taken just after the storm moved through. Brian Emfinger used a drone to capture the ariel extent of the devastation has the tornado passed over an interstate and flattened buildings. Besides the amazing shots the drone captures, it begs the question, can drones help in recovery after a natural disaster? Or even help access the damage in a more affordable process?