Monday, December 10, 2012

Foggy December Day 12/10/12

It's almost mid December and here in CT a warm front straddles the coastline. Temperatures range from the upper 40's to mid 50's this morning with a chance of hitting 60 degrees this afternoon. Although the temps make for a more comfortable day with no overcoat, it sure is a buzz kill when it comes to the Christmas Spirit!

With most warm fall days comes the fog and today is no different! As moisture streams northward it hits the cooler air causing it to condense at ground level and creating what we see as fog. Along the CT coast and CT valleys, this fog can be very dense. Below are some photos I took with my iPhone of fog at the beach. As you can see the first picture is of a flag pole at Anchor Beach, the rock it sits on is only 20-25 feet away from the street, over the water, yet it's hard to see! The second picture actually shows concrete steps that were removed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy with fog in the background! And finally the last picture is of Woodmont beach in the fog!