Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is sleet?

As I look out my window at the darkening skies, I hear the faint pings at the window.  I look out to see that the small pool of water, half ice, that rests on the covered swimming pool filled with ripples.  It's a mix of rain and sleet outside.  The storm is moving in quicker then expected, allowing for just enough cold air to create sleet.  Now every time it begins to sleet I come across a number of people who believe it is hailing out! Although they're are just misinformed it still is annoying!  So read the following link to learn the difference between sleet and hail!  Hail or Sleet? There is a difference!  and check out Crazy Hail Storm Videos to see the difference!

Diagram showing how sleet forms based on the vertical temperature profile during a winter storm.